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Brilliant Sanhe Industrial Park Commenced
Company News21 Sep 2023

Brilliant Sanhe Industrial Park has officially started construction in January 2023. The project is located in Huangzhuang Town, Sanhe City, Hebei Province, with double-storey ramp-up design and a total leasable area of 158,568 m2. Sanhe City, Xianghe County, Dachang Hui Autonomous County, as the closest to Beijing's three county-level administrative regions, are collectively known as the North three counties, which is adjacent to Tongzhou city sub-center. With tight land supply in Beijing and favorable policy supporting development of Tongzhou as a new CBD, Sanhe is a prime logistics location capturing Beijing inner city distribution demand and 1-hour servicing distance to Beijing satellite towns. Recent policy expectations for transportation and customs integration of the Northern Three Counties of Langfang into Beijing, which is a potential catalyst for rapid rental catch-up to Beijing Pinggu levels, gives Sanhe a clear advantage over other Langfang submarkets.